The Artful Menders

The Artful Menders was born out of a desire to build a more sustainable approach to fashion by repairing and re-purposing well loved garments, to give them a new lease of life and stop them being thrown away. We can alter, mend and up-cycle your clothing or turn pre-loved clothes into keepsakes like cushions or blankets.

We can repair your items using a technique referred to as ‘visible mending’ – it doesn’t hide the fact the garment has been mended. It highlights it, celebrates it, tells its story.

We can make beautiful, unique soft furnishings from your old fabric. These keepsake pieces create new stories from the discarded clothing, weaving the thread from old to new.

 Slow Fashion + Keepsake Pieces + Reduce Waste + Circular Living

Unique soft toy made with pre-loved fabric

Bespoke Products

We create unique soft furnishings and decorations using secondhand fabric, ethically sourced picture frames and sheeps wool cushion stuffing. We could make a keepsake for you from your treasured clothing or fabric, getting that garment out of the loft and onto display.

Visible darn to repair a cardigan

Visible Mending

Visible darning or sashiko stitching can be used to beautifully repair a garment, but not hide the fact that it has been mended. It adds an element of interest and celebrates the story of the piece. You can chose to use a contrasting colour of thread as well to add another dimension to the piece.

Seam repaired & reinforced on a dress

Clothing & Furnishing Repairs & Alterations

Do you have any clothing that’s been stored away in the hope of repairing it one day? We can repair seams, darn holes in jumpers, add patches or take up hems. Whatever it takes to get that clothing out of the closet and back in use.

We can also repair household items such as cushions or bedding. What about larger items like sofa cushions? We are happy to take a look and repair those too!

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Gift Voucher

Give your loved one the gift of a mend, or the ability to create a unique keepsake using pre-loved material. You can purchase multiples of £5 depending on what amount you require.


The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe.

Orsola de castro

Every 30 seconds almost 1000 items of clothing are thrown away within the UK alone.

Lets make it our mission to reduce the amount of clothing waste we make and new clothes we buy by repairing what we have!

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