About Us


A little bit about us…

Cathy & Emma met 5 years ago in Lowndes Park, Chesham as bleary eyed mums to small children and were invigorated by their similar interests. Wanting to make links in the community they collaborated to host some inter-generational story & art workshops with toddlers and the Movers & Shakers 65+ group at the Methodist Church, Chesham. Their conversations turned to the fashion industry and how could they begin to tackle the huge amount of clothing waste going to landfill each year.

Both trained Theatre Designers with a combined total of 40 years in the creative industry, they are passionate the need to reduce our clothing waste to help with climate change. Spurred on by the fact that many things we own can simply be repaired rather than thrown away, they started The Artful Menders as a response to this.

Their diverse careers in design and making include bridal wear,  detailed period costumes, West End musicals and international ceremonies and events. The thread running through it all is storytelling and their love of connecting through community.

What stories do your garments tell, and how can we mend them to continue this dialogue?

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