Children’s Clothing Repair

Children’s clothing takes a real battering, from school uniforms to tracksuit trousers, everything is worn (and played in) a lot!

We have a range of different services to help prolong the life of the clothes, and all prices are approximate. Please get in touch to see what we are able to offer to you.

School Uniforms

There are many parts of school uniform which start to get worn, most of which can be repaired fairly simply. Talk to us about hems, buttons, rips and tears.


Knees and elbows on children’s clothing take the brunt of daily action, by reinforcing with a quilting stitch the lifespan of the clothing can be increased. We also iron on an invisible patch to the inside of the clothes.

Funky Patches

Brighten up (and repair!) clothes with a funky patch! We can also make bespoke patches from your child’s favourite fabric.


  • Single trouser knee repair/reinforcement – £6
  • Pair trouser knee repair/reinforcement – £10
  • Seam or hem repair – £4
  • Pair trousers taking up – £8
  • Jumper elbow or cuff repair – £8
  • Funky patch – £6
  • Button replacement – £2
  • Zip replacement on jacket – £15
  • Zip replacement on trousers – £10

Keeping clothes for an extra 9 months can reduce their carbon footprint by 20-30%

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