We offer a range of repair services and will work with whatever your specifications may be. Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

If most convenient, we have a drop off & collection point at The Cupboard & Refill Project, The Gate House, 1 Blucher Street, Chesham, HP5 2JB. Alternatively we can arrange the best way to pick up.

Visible Mending

The wonderful thing about visible mending is that it can make a tired item of clothing feel like something new with an added splash of colour. This can be a contrasting colour of the mending stitch or a colourful reclaimed patch. We will work to your design requirements and specifications.

Prices vary depending on size and complexity of project. An 1″ square starts from £15.


Invisible Mending

If you would like your clothing mended so you can’t see the repair we can also do this. Most items of clothing which are of a good quality can be repaired. We will also aim to make the garment even more durable after the repair, e.g. this may be adding strengthening ribbon so that seams are stronger.

Prices vary depending on size and complexity of project. Repairing a standard seam on a dress is £8.


Whether you need a button changing, a hem taking up or a seam taking in we will be happy to help. Don’t discard your clothes because the style is slightly dated, or fit is now wrong. Let us alter your existing wardrobe so it works again and fits like new!

Prices vary depending on size and complexity of project. Taking up an average pair of trousers is £12.

I’m so fortunate to have found you. Thank you for the convenient and great service.

— Juhi

These wonderful ladies restored my favourite vintage dress, highly recommend 💕.

— Kristine

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